Our Goals

Girl Education

In many societies in Africa girls  are still disadvantaged. Some Girls are not even  allowed to go to school, they are often beaten and neglected for no reason. Some are married so early that they have to quit school to work in their household and get children. With your donation we want to make sure that every girl… continue reading »

Girl and Woman Empowerment

In many rural areas, women grow up to 98 percent of the food by themselves. They do almost all work, such as caltivation, transport and the marketing of the food and that with the simplest tool. with your support we can improve  the economic situation of the small farmers and of their families.   In… continue reading »

Clean Drinking Water in the villages

Polluted water and the lack of elementary sanitation undermine the efforts to combat extreme poverty and diseases in the villages, particularly in Busia regions. In some other villages, women and children march up to 5 km per day to a standing body of water. The Water is cloudy and unsuitable for consumption. Nevertheless, the full… continue reading »