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According to UNICEF, the number of children who lost one or both parents through the disease grew from 11.5 to 20 million. Most of these orphans – almost 18 million – live in Africa. Prevention, care, treatment and life prospects for AIDS orphans is the strategy to curb the pandemic and enable those affected to live a decent life. UNAIDS has formulated the goal of ending HIV / AIDS by 2030.With your support, K-CV want to actively fight against further spread of HIV / AIDS and open up long-term treatment options for those affected.


What is HIV / AIDS? 

Aids is commonly known as a weakness of the body’s immune system, caused by the immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The word Aids stands for the English term “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome” and is translated as “acquired immunodeficiency”. While HIV is “only” the virus, Aids means the outbreak of the disease and thus the damage of the immune system, including episodes by the HI virus.

It is characteristic that the HI virus attacks the body’s cells, which in turn are responsible for the defense against pathogens. It is therefore no longer possible to ward off diseases, and in the course of time the cells die completely, the immune system eventually collapses completely.

Typically, the first symptoms after infection with the HIV virus are fever, skin rash or swollen lymph nodes. However, there are also infected persons who initially live for years without complaints. Afterwards, symptoms of the first stages of AIDS such as fever, diarrhea, night sweats and weight loss follow.

You can infect yourself with blood, unprotected sexual intercourse or even through mother’s milk. 

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