Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions for Donations and Sponsorships
  1. General information
KCV was founded in 2015 and want to create linkages in the villages that will strengthen community social capital so that children can grow in dignity and realize their potential. We support community based associations, youth groups and women’s associations so that they can collectively engage in meaningful livelihood activities; taking advantage of the natural resources in their localties.
  1. Donations and sponsorships
On our homepage you can register for a sponsorship or make a donation online with your credit card. Both sponsorships and donations are considered to be voluntary gifts towards the charitable activities of KCV e.V.  Upon request, you will be provided with a donation receipt. Any additional steps needed to generate possible tax benefits, are your own responsibility.

As a sponsor/donor you can end your support at any time. When ending your sponsorship, you will no longer receive updates about your sponsored child or village.  On our end, we reserve the right to end your sponsorship should you miss payments after three reminders or behave in a way, which can be harmful to the children or the families in our care.

Should you publicly want to make a reference to KCV e.V. and the organisation’s logo, we will be happy to present you K-CV logo as JPG or EPS file  available. Do not just copy from the website or from a brochure. Our graphic design staff will take care of it. This applys to the Photos too. Depending on the desired project. Please  ask for logo and/or photos always in writting (fax or mail). On behalf of the  K-CV and especially the children, we thank you very much.

One-off or regular donations
Upon registration of your donation you immediately receive a confirmation by e-mail or post. For sums higher than EUR 200, we send you an additional thank-you letter or e-mail at the beginning of the month that follows the transaction. Should you have selected a specific purpose for your donation ( a child, village sponsorship or where it is most needed), we will forward the donation accordingly.
All donations, minus a 10% fee to cover administration costs, are forwarded according to their earmarking.

All sponsorship contributions are forwarded according to their earmarking at 100%.
You may choose between two types of sponsorship: child or village sponsorship.  The minimum monthly contribution for a child sponsorship is 30 EUR/35USD, whilst the minimum monthly contribution for a village sponsorship is 15 EUR/15,67USD. You can increase your monthly contribution at any given time.

Regardless of whether you have chosen to be a village or child sponsor, your sponsorship contributions are used for the benefit of all children at the respective K-CV’s  Village.  This ensures that all children in an K-CV’s Village receive the same chance at a better life.

Child sponsor
If you have choosen a K-CV sponsorship, you will receive your personal documents with a photo and a brief life story of your sponsored child as soon as possible after your sponsorship application.You will also receive the correspondence address and information about the region in which your sponsored child lives, as well as your personal registration number. In the further course of your sponsorship, you will regularly receive information about the development of your sponsored child until they leave sponsorship programm. You can also write directly to your sponsored child. A sponsorship does not equal an adoption, and as a sponsor you are not entitled to make any decisions concerning your sponsored child’s life and development.

In addition, you are always welcome to visit your sponsored child once a year. We kindly ask you to announce in advance to get K-CV families ready for your visit. Please note that an approval by the sponsorship coordinator can be withdrawn at any time without giving any reason. Such withdrawal does not entitle you to claim any damages (e.g. for any costs or expenses already accrued for your visit).

To be able to provide for all their needs such clean drinking water, medical treatment, electricity supply and education, children may have more than one sponsor.

Village sponsor
As a village sponsor, you have the possibility to share in some of the experiences of the children in the KCV’s Village you are sponsoring. In return for your regular contributions, you receive an initial welcome letter, information package and photo of the village, as well as two additional letters per year: a mid-year letter about life at the village, and an end-of-the-year letter, which includes a photo and a wrap-up of what occurred that year.

You may read more of what you can expect from your sponsorship in the sponsorship flyer.

  1. Payment process and security
KCV’s Villages uses accredited and proven technology for payments. Payment information is transferred by the use of an SSL connection which offers the highest degree of security that your browser is able to support.

Data on all on-line transactions are saved on a secure server hosted by an internationally experienced and reputable company. Several layers of built-in security, including an advanced firewall system, encryption of credit card numbers, and use of passwords, protect the collected information.

As sponsorships and donations are considered to be voluntary gifts towards the charitable activities of our organisation, they count as non-refundable. However, if you cancel your donation or sponsorship within 14 days upon registration, we will refund your payments if you should wish so.

  1. General conditions
In the event that any of the stipulations are or become void, the remaining ones continue to retain their validity. The contract as a whole remains valid. German law applies to all legal transactions with the exception of reference provisions in international private law.  Sponsors and donors may only bring legal action to KCV e.V. at its headquarters in Wiesbaden.

For any questions around donations and sponsorships, please contact donation.service@kenya-childvision.org

(December 2016)